Jonathan Loiterman

Sunbear Interactive is an independent game development project by me: Jonathan Loiterman. My goal with Sunbear is to reimagine video games from the past, marrying newer technology with classic designs and styles. I've used Pico-8 for my first game, Picofender, but I'm planning to explore Unreal Engine and Unity.

I'd love to connect with anyone who shares my interests. Please feel free to reach out via the Contact form on this site. Follow me on social media. I'm most active on Twitter, but you can find me on Instagram, LinkedIn, and GitHub.

In addition to being an independent game developer, I am a licensed attorney, practicing in Illinois and Oregon and representing entrepreneurs, software developers, and small business owners. I previously served as Chairman and CEO of a licensed cannabis grower, processor, and wholesaler for seven years after working as a transactional and litigation attorney in Chicago for seven years.

A Different Perspective

As a developer, I want to bridge the best from the old and the new in games and video game technology. I also want to try and share some of my experience as a lawyer/dev to create new and unique legal experiences in video games.

My first project with Sunbear, Picofender, is an attempt to re-imagine what a game like the 1980s classic, Defender, would be like using the fantasy console, Pico-8. I hope you'll take the time to check out the free web version of Picofender on my page at Please consider supporting Sunbear by donating or purchasing a downloadable copy of Picofender.

Retro Reimagined

At the dawn of the coin-op arcade game industry of the 1970s and 1980s, video games were straightforward to learn and play. Games of that era needed to kick your butt and take your money inside a couple of minutes, and the game design sensibilities from that time reflected the need to make games accessible to new players. While games of today offer tremendous features and depth, they often lack that sit-down-and-play simplicity that success in the arcade demanded.

Sunbear's first game, Picofender, is inspired by the arcade classic, Defender, but reimagined with a retro-contemporary style for the fantasy console, Pico-8. the HTML version of Picofender is available free to play. We hope you'll support further development of classic designs reimagined by purchasing Picofender or donating here.